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Sarobi District Center Upgrades

Contract No: W91B4N-11-8119
Contract Name: Sarobi District Center
Project Location: Camp Salerno, Afghanistan
Name of Employer: Bagram Regional Contracting Center, Bgram AF, Afghanistan AP AE09354
Date of Award: 21-May-11
Date of completion of Work: 20-Sep-11
Provide all labor, materials, specially tools, equipement and transportation, comunication, expertise, supervision and all other items and services as necessary to complete the rquirement described in the Statement of Work, incorporated drawings, site layout, CJTF-Phoenix engineering specifications, and all related attachedments. Performed to the standards in the contract with regards to force protection upgrades, construction, renovation and electrical work efforts at the Sarobi District Center.

Category B-Hut and Conex

Date 19 April 2017

Sarobi District Center Upgrades