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CROWN PACIFIC GROUP is committed in providing high quality in our standard of work. We guarantee our customers of a structured and organized jobsite as based on the reqUirements to the full assembly of the infrastructure.

Effective planning is fundamental in the execution of projects. Consideration on the environmental concerns of the job, proper scheduling of the human resources as with the availability of the materials and pertinent logistics are essential. Our Construction Group specializes on the following:

Building Construction

Crown Pacific Group adheres to providing excellence in the services offered as we guarantee an in depth control over our projects towards accomplishment. In all building construction developments, effective planning involved with design and execution of considerations such as environmental impact of the project, scheduling & budgeting, construction site safety, availability of materials and other pertinent logistics are essential for a successful implementation of the job.

Road Construction

Crown Pacific Group provides the assurance to customers of an organized and structured job site. As road construction requires the creation of a continuous right of way, having taken into account geographical factors and relatable concerns regarding the location. A team of construction professionals enables the proper execution of project. Knowledge of environmental requisites and significant permits are essential in the schedule of operations to the completion of the task. As we pride ourselves on giving our clients the professional service they expect.

Structural Renovations

As we are committed to a high quality of service, Crown Pacific Group ensures our customers that our dedicated team of experts is always available on site to make certain that plans are properly implemented. Whether you’re repairing deteriorated concrete, rehabilitating slabs on grade, strengthening of lateral load resisting systems or renovating a building facade, rest assure of our pursuit to your satisfaction.

B-Hut and Conex

The provision of these semi permanent structures as dependent on the function noted by the customer will be supplied with utmost convenience. Most often these assembly are aimed for residential or office formation and presented with supreme compliance based on the requirements. Our clients can ensure of the high quality of produce to their investment.

Design and Build

Having to work with a company to manage the entire construction process from the design to the actual building of the structure will make communications and applications easier, also noting on the fact that it will result to minimal costing as it deviates from the bidding process which takes a notable amount of duration and money. Our integration of an over- all construction management team allows the customer to set list of requirements for the project and entire view of the project’s goal to which he can entrust ensures project compliance optimizing the customer’s interest.

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