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Established in 2011, Crown Pacific Group FZE provides the most comprehensive Logistics and other specialized public services in Afghanistan. Our main office has moved to U.A.E and regional office is in Kabul, Afghanistan with an aim to bring efficiency to our operations by being globally accessible and our local branch overlooking each service every step of the way. Our rich experience and knowledge of the local markets and an extensive network of respected partners help us cater to your local needs with a global approach.

Crown Pacific Group is a result of amalgamation of three of the most reputed companies in the region – Kabul Heart of Asia (KHA), Aria Golden and World Construction Company (WCC) – All family owned entities.

Prior to the integration, KHA, Aria Golden and WCC have successfully completed extensive US DoD projects and other public private projects in the region and received great recognition for the quality of operations. Crown Pacific Group utilizes this same level of expertise and knowledge of Afghanistan to undergo flawless execution of the services.

We have the best team with optimum skills and professionalism to smoothen operations and efficiently provide value to our clients. Our colleagues are known to go above and beyond their designated tasks to achieve desired results.

Apart from Logistics our strength lies in the following services: Transportation with Lease of Vehicles, Procurement, Escort(Security) Services, O & M (Operation and Maintenance) Services, Septic Services, Drilling of Potable Water Well, Housekeeping, Laundry, and Over-all Construction development.

We welcome you to contact us at our main office in U.A.E or our branch office in Kabul by clicking our contact us button below.


CROWN PACIFIC GROUP is committed in providing high quality in our standard of work. We guarantee our customers of a structured and organized jobsite as based on the reqUirements to the full assembly of the infrastructure.

Logistic Services

CROWN PACIFIC GROUP is steadfast in providing excellence in our work. True to its commitment of a high standard quality of service, we are dedicated in fulfilling our customers’ satisfaction through our guaranteed line of services.

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