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Pave Charikar 40 Road Meter

 Contract No: PARWAN-CHARIKAR-7255-20730
Contract Name: Pave Charikar 40 Road Meter
Project Location: “Parwan Province-Charikar District-MGRS Start 42S WD 15100 71800
MGRS End 42S WD 16100 77000″
Name of Employer: US Army Bagram PRT
Date of Award: 31-May-08
Date of completion of Work: 13-Jan-09
Provide all necessay labor, equipment, and materials to pave approximately 5km of road in the Charikar District, Parwan Province. The local name of the road is 40 Meter Road and it connects Old Kabul Road to Ofyan-e-Sharif Road.

Category Roads

Date 28 June 2017

Pave Charikar 40 Road Meter