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Parwan Province-Charikar District

Contract No: Parwan-Charikar-7255-20730
Contract Name: Parwan Province-Charikar District
Date of Award: 9-Jun-08
Date of completion of Work: 10-Dec-08
“Project scope of work is to provide all necessary labor, equipment and materials to pave approximately 5km of road in Charikar District, Parwan Province to replace the existing road. Works includes leveling the area, perparation of the site by removal of the rubble and refuse, and repair the road via grading and compacting the sub-gade, installation and compaction of the sub-base and base course materials, and installation of two lifts of asphalt concrete pavement.
Final road consist of a smooth, asphalt surface that has on 7 meter wide surface with 1.5meter shoulder wherever possible.”

Category Roads

Date 19 April 2017

Parwan Province-Charikar District